Jubilee MPs accuse Raila of using demos to prevent repeat elections

Raila Odinga. PHOTO: FILE.

Nairobi, KENYA: Jubilee allied Members of Parliament have accused opposition leader Raila Odinga of using chaos through demonstrations to stop the October 26th repeat of elections.

Speaking to journalists at parliamentary buildings led by Nyeri town legislator Ngunjiri Wambugu, they said that Raila is using demonstrations which are attached to chaos in bid to stop a repeat of elections, which he reiterated ought to be resisted in order to permit a repeat of presidential elections.

“This is meant to intimidate Kenyans and especially the IEBC officials from holding elections in his strongholds so that he can then argue that Kenya did not hold national elections and thus the results of the 26th October election are invalid,” Wambugu said.

He accused NASA leaders and demonstrators for enhancing demonstrations which entails chaos which have violated other people’s rights especially the business community.

They denounced NASA’s bid to snub the repeat of elections urging the coalition to give other players who are willing to vote, to do so in the upcoming elections.

They opposed any form of dialogue between president Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga on the current political crisis being witnessed, insisting that such talks goes against the spirit of the constitution.

“The idea that dialogue can be held by any group of people outside the elections ,to determine who leads this country ,is completely unrealistic,undemocratic .”He said

He accused the NASA team for orchestrating violence especially in NASA strongholds and lay blame to the police for such brutality.