ELOG urges IEBC to exercise authority in managing elections

ELOG chairperson Regina Opondo. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: Elections observers group (ELOG) have called on IEBC to provide strategic leadership as an independent institution that is constitutionally mandated to manage the electoral process.

The group says IEBC should give clear and authoritative directions on the way forward in light of the prevailing circumstances in the country.

Speaking to the media on Monday in Nairobi,ELOG chair, Regina Opondo, alluded that electoral process has been hijacked by political players, who on the basis of their selfish political agenda, have served to create political confusion, division and hostility and taken the country and citizens hostage.

The chair further urged the IEBC to seek court interpretation on the meaning, clarity and certainty to the myriad of legal intricacies and intrigues surrounding the presidential election amidst the emerging constitutional and legal confusion.

“ If political and electoral quagmire is not properly managed, the opportunity could be lost and could lead to a political crisis that could in turn degenerate into a protracted political and civil strife that will without doubt undermine the constitutional, democratic and governance demarches that Kenya has made over the years,” Warned Opondo.

They however, condemned police brutality, use of excessive force and abuse of human rights by the police during demonstrations that have resulted in both protesters and non protesters being battered, tear gassed and shot.

Elog has further urged the office of the public prosecution to quickly move with speed and apprehend political inciters and hate speech mongers as required by the Electoral offences Act and other relevant laws of the country.

“Legal action on criminal acts perpetrated by politicians should be quickly and swift as deterrent mechanism.” Said Opondo.

They have also appealed to the civil societies and religious community to robust engage and support efforts towards ensuring a credible,peaceful,free and fair electoral process.