Lamu police form local committees to reinforce war on narcotics


Lamu, KENYA: The police administration in Lamu county has formed local committees that will work hand in hand with police in war on narcotics in the region.

The committees have also been tasked with preaching peace and cohesion among the various communities in the county.

Speaking in his office on Friday,Lamu county commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo said over 450 committees have been formed from the lowest levels at the locations up to the county level.

Kitiyo said plans are in place to ensure all the committee members receive the necessary training required for them to be able to conduct their work effectively.

He said the committees will help the police deal with major issues affecting the region top among them being drug use and peddling and related crimes.

Kitiyo said drugs are still a major challenge in Lamu and urged residents to work closely with the police in order to ensure the war on narcotics is won and that there is a drug free Lamu in the near future.

“We shall have 423 at location level and 39 such committees at subcounty level.The members of these committees are directly appointed by the residents in the locations while we only add the supervisors,”said Kitiyo.

Kitiyo said there has been a surge in crimes all across Lamu due to drug user who are willing to go any mile just to feed their insatiable appetite for the drugs including killing,robbing and maiming.

He said drug dealers were also using children to sell drugs and that is measures aren’t taken now,the future generations of Lamu county will not be able to disentangle themselves from the narcotic chains that will have bound them.

“We are doing all this because we care about the future of the children of Lamu.Drugs has never done anyone any good.We are putting in all our best efforts and ensuring we eradicate drug dealers.We believe that we concerted efforts and a positive attitude,Lamu can be drug-free,”said Kitiyo.

Early this month,the police launched an intensive crackdown on drug dealers, users and dens that has so far led to the arrests and prosecutions of over 30 people.