Mombasa seafarers decry unemployment


Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa union of seafarers are crying foul over rise of  unemployment despite a huge number of them graduating every year.

Union co-coordinator Janet Mirobi on Thursday told Baraka FM that many maritime graduates are left unemployed, because foreign sailing companies operating within the port of Mombasa-KPA normally come with their employees instead  of hiring some from Mombasa.

“So many seafarers are jobless it is a very sad situation for these young people who have young families. The government needs to something about their fate.” Said Mirobi.

Mirobi proposes to the government to purchase a sailing ship that will provide a wide range of employment opportunities for many local sailors.

She also urged authorities operating within deep waters to ban illegal fishing undertaken by foreign fishing.

On the other hand, Mirobi who is an investor in Tourism industry complained of huge loss they are incurring especially during this electioneering period.

She added that more international tourists were forced to cancel their flight due to tension.

She says the current political climate in the country is degrading nation’s economic growth and the population will become increasingly vulnerable.