Former Women Rep leads anti-IEBC demos in Lamu

Former Lamu County women rep Shakilla Abdalla leads NASA supporters in Lamu town in joining the rest of their supporters nationwide in the ongoing anti-IEBC demos. PHOTO: NATASHA NEMA.

Lamu, KENYA: Former Lamu County women rep Shakilla Abdalla on Monday led NASA supporters in Lamu town in joining the rest of their supporters nationwide in the ongoing anti-IEBC demos that take place every Monday and Friday.

Shakilla who is also the national deputy chair of the Wiper party, led the peaceful demos which started at Milano area up to the IEBC offices where they handed in their grievances over the current state of the IEBC as currently constituted.

This is the first demo for NASA supporters in Lamu, after the initial two attempts failed to take off due to what officials only termed as ‘minor frustrations’.

Frequent postponements of the demos in Lamu have led many to speculate on the existence of rifts among NASA supporters are officials in Lamu.

The protestors carried placards and posters and chanted slogans like ‘Chiloba Must Go”.

Addressing the supporters at the Mkunguni Square shortly after the demos,Shakilla said as Kenyans,they had every right to reject a bungled commission like the IEBC as currently constituted from overseeing any election in the country.

Shakilla said the people of Lamu would lend their loyalty to the opposition by all means possible in order to ensure Raila Odinga becomes the next president of the republic.

Shakilla wondered why IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba had remained adamant despite the widespsreead outcry for his removal.

She called on Chiloba to be honorable and step aside instead of trying to force himself to a majority of Kenyans who clearly had to confidence in his presence at the IEBC anymore.

“If this Chiloba man had any honor remaining,he should have long left.The Supreme Court ruling was clear and that’s why we are pushing for these changes.This a democracy ,we cant be held hostage by a couple of individuals who are bent on selling Kenya’s future to the dogs.We must stand up and let our voice be heard and this time people should be sure that victory is ours just like it was on August 8,”said Shakilla.

Shakilla said the fact that Chiloba was acting unmoved despite the ruling of the Supreme Court that put the commission on the spot for bungled elections,was a clear indication that history would repeat itself on October 26 and that as opposition,they weren’t prepared to accept such.

She said there was need for  IEBC to be cleaned up before being allowed to oversee the forthcoming lecetions failure to which many Kenyans will be left disappointed again.

“Chiloba seems to be getting his confidence elsewhere but as it is now,that’s the least of our concerns.How do you even live with yourself knowing that you are unwanted in a certain position but then arrogantly keep at it.Chiloba should have long stepped down but its quite obvious that he still wants to do more damage but this time round they shall be the ones to cry.Enough is enough.If there are no changes in the IEBC before October 26,expect no elections,period,”said Shakilla.

Lamu county NASA brigade chairperson Issak Yunus said as NASA suppoprters,they were undettered by the numerous threats they receive over their stand and said they would push on until change is achieved.

“We are very vigilant.They wont steal from us this time around.We shall only rest when the rightful person who is Raila Odinga becomes president.If the IEBC remains the way it is,then there will be no elections on October 26,”said Yunus.