Anti-IEBC protesters throw placards at President Uhuru’s motorcade in Mombasa

Anti-IEBC protesters throwing leaves and placards at some of the cars that were part of president Uhuru's motorcade that was heading to Serani. PHOTO: WELDON KEMBOI.

Mombasa, KENYA: Anti-IEBC protesters in Mombasa on Monday turned their anger to President Uhuru Kenyatta,throwing leaves and placards at his motorcade that was heading to Serani grounds.

The over 300 protesters who were chanting “Chiloba must go!” had started a peaceful protest at Uhuru gardens along Moi Avenue, where they had converged only to come across President Uhuru ‘s motorcade at Holy Ghost Cathedral.

Uhuru’s motorcade sped off towards Nyerere avenue as the protesters kept on chasing  and throwing placards with his security men only seen peeping through the windows, without taking any action.

Early Monday morning, Urban police boss Lucas Ogara had banned the demonstration saying police officers were held up because of president Uhuru Kenyatta’s visit; he had warned the protesters saying anyone found rioting will be met with full force of the law.

“The president is in the town,we are asking the anti-IEBC protesters to remain calm for today but they can continue with their mission as from Friday,” Ogara said.

The  protesters still went ahead and  later on thronged at the IEBC offices near state house, to present their grievances.

They were barred by anti-riot police and only two legislators were allowed to go into the premises.
GSU officers had a hard time in containing the situation.

Meanwhile, some of the protesters criticized Mombasa leaders, saying they were not committed in leading the demonstrations.

For the third time Governor Hassn Joho has not been seen in the demonstration,  raising  a lot of questions among the NASA protesters.

Changamwe MP Omar Mwinyi said the protest will continue until their grievances are met and solved.

He said Muslims for a long time have been marginalized by the Jubilee government and they will not be lured by small gifts.

He said the Jubilee government under leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta has assassinated sheikhs saying they want answers from the president himself of the whereabouts of Aboud Rogo.

“We are telling president Uhuru Kenyatta, Muslims have been killed and if he wants votes from the Muslims, he has to ask for forgiveness on the killings of the sheikhs, we want to know why he killed Aboud Rogo and Makaburi,” added Omar Mwinyi.

Likoni MP Mishi Mboko criticized former Mombasa senator Hassan Omar Sarai who has since decamped to Jubilee, saying he was after money.

He said president Uhuru Kenyyatta and his deputy are collecting leaders who have been rejected by their people and those rejects will add no value to Jubilee government.

“You are being bought with cents, as for me I am a woman and I can’t be bought with cheap shillings, just the other day he wanted to be the kingpin of Mombasa, how is that even possible? That will not happen if you are bought with cents,” said Mishi Mboko.

Omar on Sunday officially pledged his support for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election,  during a 10,000 Jubilee Member delegation meeting hosted by President Uhuru.

On Monday, Uhuru met all Jubilee Coast leaders at Serani who are expected to help in the campaigns for the forth coming repeat presidential polls.

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