Relief for Joho as court dismisses academic investigation case against him


Mombasa, KENYA: Academic investigation against Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho was politically motivated, a Mombasa court ruled on Thursday.

Justice Erick Ogollah has said that Joho academic papers were challenged in 2013 after he clinched the gubernatorial seat and court had already determined the issue.

Ogollah said it was clear that investigations were opened after four years only to ensure Joho bared from contesting August polls.

Mombasa governor Ali Joho had filed a petition seeking court to stop Inspector General of police and DPP from investigating or prosecuting him for allegedly forging a form four certificate.

Court also ruled that Joho’s fundamental rights were infringed after he was denied to attend a re- launch of Mtogwe ferry service which was attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Petition filed to stop Joho to vie for second term gubernatorial position in Nairobi was dismissed due to lack of evidence and it is clear this investigation is being conducted in bad faith,” said Ogolla.

The court also noted that investigations were only after President Uhuru Kenyatta uttered word ‘I will teach Joho a lesson’ saying it showed police and DPP were working according to his utterance.