Kenyan women threaten to boycott Vera Sidika’s products

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika PHOTO COURTESY

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika is engaged in bitter social media war with Kenyan and Tanzanian women.

It all started when Vera posted a photo of herself in The Maldives where she is currently on a vacation.

African playboy Teodoro Nguema, who is also the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea, who once dated American rapper Eve E also posted photos of himself in The Maldives and fans were quick to link Vera to Teodoro who partied Vera’s arch enemy Huddah Monroe in Malabo a few months ago.

Vera was not amused and took to social media to call out those linking her to the playboy.

Y’all google the One & Only Reethi Rah, Maldives and tell me if it looks anything like my hotel!! How can people claim someone is with me when I’m on an island far away. You need a flight to get here! As in, the bed, bathroom, zero similarities. Broke and basic hating Kenyan b*tches. How can someone say I’m with some dude just because I’m in Maldives and they are in Maldives? There are 1,220 islands in this place. Can’t y’all just let me be! The One & Only Reethi Rah don’t even look like this. I promised myself I’ll go to Maldives or Santorini for my birthday this year. I pay cash for my business class flights and hotels. Y’all stop giving credit to people for my money! Stop it! This has been going on for too long. Just stop. Even when I’m in a relationship and you see me living lavishly it’s all me. Not the man. I make promises to myself and keep them. I never disappoint myself. Men will always disappoint you even if it’s your damn birthday, anniversary or just a mere promise,” The socialite wrote.

Vera further urged her followers to travel widely.

“Kenyans and Tanzanians idle hating ass b**ches, Y’all so naive. You need to travel please. No. it is very important to travel coz y’all so stupid right now with the lies. Leave me the f**k alone. Abeg, Y’all just jealous that you had to start a rumour.” Vera added.

This angered Kenyan and Tanzanian women in the wrong way with a section threatening to boycott Vera’s products.

Vera did not seem to be threatened by the threats saying that she did not need the products.

“If you don’t wanna buy Veetox coz I’m balling then oops. I don’t have a big belly. You do. I’m only trying to help.I am here to help. Got 6 countries including Nigeria with almost 200 Million population.” Vera wrote on snapchat.

“I have been trending Veetox has tripled the daily sales, like you’d expect them not to but coz they hating but they still do. Wow, Sidika Trending= More money” Vera added.