Governor Godhana names seven members of his cabinet

Tana river governor Major Dhadho Godhana during his swearing in.The governor has said that inherited debts are still paralyzing operations in his county PHOTO COURTESY

Tana River, KENYA: Tana River county governor has started forming his government by nominating seven county executive committee members who would be tabled in the assembly for approval.

According to governor Dhadho Godhana, the nomination took him days and nights to reach the decision saying many had applied for the positions.

The Tana River county government will have eight departments that are expected to deliver services to residents in the county.

Mr. Suleiman Yese Buko was nominated as executive for Finance and Planning, Ms Khadija Harufa Algi as executive for Public services management and ICT.

Mr. Abbas Kuno executive for Lands, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Mr. Adan Siyati Kalif to handle Trade, cooperative, Industry and Tourism department, while Mr Steven Wachira Kariuki was nominated to handle Public Works, Roads, Housing and Urbanization.

Mr. Shukri Sugor Adhan was nominated to be the Executive  for Education, Youths, Sports, Gender and Social services, Ms Mwanajuma Haboka Mabuke was nominated to be the Executive for Water, Energy, Environment and Natural resources.

Lastly, the Health and Sanitation department was still pending a nominee and the governor with the help of the assembly is expected to get one.

“The remaining position for the Health and Sanitation department can get someone at anytime so that it can be passed by the assembly,” he said.

Mr. Godhana told the press that the nominees were appointed in line with the constitution, considering ethnicity, age and many others.

The Tana River boss confirmed that departments were reduced in numbers contrary to the last government which had many members.

The last government had 9 departments as the assembly had accommodated 26 ward reps while now ward reps are 23 of which constitutionally should not exceed 30% of the assembly members.

Mr Godhana said that the nomination was not static rather was dynamic, as the government would keep on changing its operation, meaning the government might need changes or improvement due to incapacity of some members in the committee.

Also, he said that the government still has more positions and hopefully directed those who were not lucky in getting the committee member positions to apply for the chief officer jobs.