Likoni security officials given three month ultimatum to get rid of criminal gangs

From Extreme right: Likoni deputy cc Erick Mulevu,Ocpd Benjamin Rotich and DCI Henry Ndombi in checked shirt, ordered to weed criminal gangs. PHOTO: WELDON KEMBOI.

Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa county commissioner Evans Achoki has ordered Likoni security team to get rid of all outlawed criminal gangs without hesitating, giving them a three month ultimatum to accomplish the exercise.

The county commissioner boss spoke at Celtel area in Likoni on Wednesday; a habitat of dangerous outlawed criminal gangs of Wakalikwaznza and Watalia who have been tormenting residents.

The ultimatum comes barely a week after a clinical officer was murdered by unknown assailants, he was stabbed more than 50 times in the head and abdomen.

He also warned chiefs and their assistants of dire consequences including loosing jobs if the said gangs and drug barons are not cleared in the next three months.

“I will deploy security in civilian who will be pushing handcarts,some will be roasting maize both men and women to back up other security officers so that they will deal with this menace,” said the county boss.

“If they [criminal gangs] will not surrender in the next three months, we will deal with them in the language they understand without specifying the language.”

“We cannot allow illegal gangs taking up the area,some even walk all the way to town looking for jobs,they are paid a few shillings then a few gangs attack them on their way to rob ,this must stop!” said an angry county commissioner.

He also warned parents habouring criminal gangs saying most of the crude weapons used by the suspects were hidden in their parents homes.

“The subcounty security team will now ransack the homes of the suspects ,if there will be crude weapons found then it is upon you parents to choose whom to arrest between the father and the mother,” said the county commissioner.

A reformed suspected member and leader of wajuku wa bibi asked the county commissioner he had left the outlawed group and promise abide by the laws.

Mr Achoki asked the other the criminal gangs to follow the same and surrender to authorities.

After the meeting, Likoni police chief Benjamin Rotich asked the parents of the criminal gangs to collect all the machetes and other crude weapons and surrender to his office.

“We don’t have land to clear here in Likoni,what are the machetes for? Collect all the machetes and bring to my office I keep them,” said Rotich.

Likoni deputy county commissioner Erick Mulevu ,area police boss Benjamin Rotich and DCI boss Henry Ndombi will led the three months operation before the county commissioner revisit Likoni again in January.