Government company to pay Jaguar’s father 627,000

Jaguar and his father David Kanyi PHOTO COURTESY

Jaguar’s father David Kanyi is set to be over half a million shillings richer.

This was after a court in Nyeri ordered the government owned Nyeri water and sanitation company to pay Mr Kanyi sh 670,000 in a  civil case that has been running for the past 6 years.

It was reported that Mr Kanyi fell and broke his leg in a hole that had been left by the company in October 2008  while walking home in the Town.

Mr Kanyi further narrated through his lawyer Muhoho Gichimu that he sustained a fracture on his leg and was only rescued by good Samaritans who took him to Mathari hospital in the county and later transferred him to Nyeri district hospital.

The company har argued that Mr Kanyi who had to use clutches after the fall had made a verbal complaint to the company 3 years later  and his carelessness had cost him the fall.

However Nyeri senior resident Magistrate Phillip Mutua argued that the company had a duty to cover the two foot hole or erect warning signs.

Earlier this year Jaguar’s father had made headlines after he graduated from an Alcohol rehab centre in the county.