Communications Authority responds to NASA

Communications Authority director general Francis Wangusi PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi,KENYA:Communication Commission of Kenya has urged political class to act responsibly by reporting electoral malpractices incidences to avert scenarios of scaring away  ICT investors in the country.

In a statement CAK director Francis Wangusi downplayed NASA principal Raila Odinga assertion that Safaricom was involved in electoral malpractices urging him to report to relevant agencies instead of coming up with mere allegations.

“We urge political actors to canvass their agenda in a responsible manner in order to avoid putting into jeopardy the impressive investment and other gains that Kenya has made in the local ICT sector.”Wangusi said

“In the same vein, we implore politicians to report any alleged election malpractices on the part of industry players to the relevant law enforcement agencies instead of engaging in blanket ‘lynching’ of investors in this strategic sector.”He added

He pointed that inline with CAK oversight responsibility as the ICT sector regulator, the Authority directed the mobile operators to report any cases of transmission failure to the commission insisting that no cases of transmission failure were reported to them.

He said that as the country prepares for the repeat presidential poll, the commission urges Kenyans not to lose faith and confidence in technology arguing that ICTs have been successfully deployed and embraced in all facets of life in the country, including banking, business, education, health, agriculture and government services.

Elections are no exception and the Authority is confident that ICTs can be deployed successfully to support the electioneering exercise.