Video: Drama as bees attack police, protesters outside Supreme court

Protesters outside the Supreme court before being attacked by bees. PHOTO: MICHAEL MBUGUA

Nairobi, KENYA: Protesters, police and passersby near the Supreme court had to run for safety after bees attacked them on Wednesday morning.

The protesters were demonstrating outside the Supreme Court building as the full ruling being delivered by the five judges led by chief justice David Maraga.

A beggar, who was near the Supreme Court was injured after being stung by the bees that attacked around 11.40am. He was rushed to hospital by St John Ambulance personnel.

It was not clear where the bees came from as both the police and the protesters  fled from the Supreme Court gate staying at a safe distance.

Despite the tight security witnessed, most of the NASA demonstrators were protesting outside the Supreme court with some burning Jubilee t-shirts before the attack.

They lifted banners written “Bunge la wanainchi in solidarity with the supreme court ruling, Mr president stop intimating judges!!!!.” as they moved around chanting in the street of Nairobi.

“We are here also to protect the judges, let nothing happen to them.” One of the demonstrators was overheard saying.

The protest comes just a day after a group of Jubilee supporters demonstrated outside the Supreme Court demanding a recount of presidential votes.

The group of individuals was protesting over Supreme Court’s decision to cancel president Uhuru Kenyattas win.