Government urges vigilance over terror threat as polls approach

Government spokesperson Eric Kiraithe at the Mbaraki sports club PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa,KENYA:The government on Friday called upon Kenyans to be vigilant a head of repeat of presidential election scheduled on 17th October.

Speaking to the journalists in Mombasa, the government spokes man Mr.Erick Kiraithe said the threat of terrorism was  still a concern in the Country.

“Terrorists take every opportunity to kill and maim therefore we must be vigilant at all times and cooperate with security agencies to keep the country safe,” he said.

The spokesman also said that the government  will continue to monitor the drought situation in execution of its policy, to ensure that no Kenyan dies because of lack of food.

Mr.Kiraithe further said the government respects all organs of governance and shall continue working together for the welfare and progress of it is citizens.

“We have confidence in the capacity of the Judiciary as an institution to deliver on its constitutional mandate in a manner that is patriotic and takes in cognizance of the social stability, national cohesion, economic progress, democracy, justice and the rule of law,” he said.

He says these constitutional bodies were established to underwrite their development, security and democracy and every action should therefore be consistent with the collective aspiration and needs of the people of Kenya.

He also encouraged all eligible voters to to turn up and vote in large numbers in the coming elections in October.