77% of Kenyans satisfied with Supreme Court ruling, shows new poll


Nairobi, KENYA: A new Infotrack opinion poll shows that majority of Kenyans agree with the decision made by the Supreme court judges to nullify  the August 8th presidential elections.

The poll released on Friday, shows that 77 percent of Kenyans are of the idea that indeed the Supreme Court exercised its power according to the constitution, while 22 percent of Kenyans tend to differ with the court’s decision, with 2 percent of the respondents being undecided.

The Coast region was the most satisfied region with the decision made by the Supreme court by 82 percent, while the most dissatisfied region was Central by 57 percent.

When asked if they still had confidence with the Independent Electorate and Boundaries Commission IEBC to conduct elections; 44 percent of Kenyans said they want CEO Ezra Chiloba and top managers of the commission to step aside.

On the other hand, 13 percent were of the opinion that they should be allowed to manage other elections roles and 8 percent said other capable staffs at  IEBC should be mandated to manage the elections as recommended by the IEBC Chairman.

When questioned if they support IEBC’s fresh poll date,84.1 percent thought that the date was right with them while 14 percent differed with the IEBC decision and 1.5 percent were clueless on what to say.

Coast and Eastern Region led in the support of fresh polls, while Central Kenya and Rift valley region did not support the decision.

The polls also shows the preferred date by those that opposed the 17th October, to be 1st  November.

The polls were conducted between 8th to 9th September 2017.

A sample of 1500 respondents were interviewed to represent 19.6 million National Registered voters.

The poll covered 8 regions and 47 counties.