Uncertainty over IEBC engulfs Jubilee and NASA

Raphael Tuju addressing journalists at the Jubilee centre in Nairobi PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi,KENYA:With only 32 days before the rerun of the presidential elections,  mix reactions are emanating  from both Jubilee and National super Alliance NASA coalition with  NASA now threatening to Boycott the elections  until  the Independent  Electorate and Boundaries Commission IEBC, reshuffles its commission starting with the CEO Ezra Chiloba.

Jubilee on the other side wants IEBC to exercise their mandate without being directed on what to do and if elections is boycotted by NASA coalition, president Uhuru Kenyatta to be sworn in according to the constitution law.

Speaking to journalists on Thursday in Nairobi, Jubilee secretary General Raphael Tuju dared the NASA members of parliament fraternity to miss 8 consecutive sittings so that their seats may be declared vacant.

“The hypocrisy is amazing that NASA can even have a Parliamentary Group meeting and yet not recognize the legitimacy of the parliament in the same breath. It is even more hypocritical that they would boycott to go to parliament to conduct their legislative duties and claim it is matter of principle yet they took oath of office to ensure that they get into payroll” Lamented Tuju.

“If this is not a case of just having a big stomach and no backbone, then they should miss 8 consecutive sitting so their seats may be declared vacant.” Tuju said.

He continued to slam the opposition accusing them of  raking in money from poor wananchi through an Mpesa paybill Number, which he termed as conman ship and instead, they should then not boycott the elections.

The Jubilee spokesman argued that the Supreme Court ruled that the IEBC to conduct the elections as provided for in the constitution without any qualifications, and NASA has now put conditions that can only be qualified or varied by detailed judgment.

“NASA has failed to go back to the Supreme Court and they are announcing that there will be no elections unless those variants to the judgment are factored in.

He further said that tax payers should not be made to pay 12 billion shillings for the elections when opposition has refused to participate in.