App reaches out to 300,000 farmers in Kenya and Uganda


Nairobi,KENYA: Wefarm , farmer-to-farmer digital network,on Wednesday   announced that it has reached over 300,000 farmers across East Africa, especially  Kenya and Uganda.

During the launch ,CEO of Wefarm Kenny Ewan , said  that  an enhanced SMS network enables  farmers to access crucial agricultural information from within the global farming.

Wefarm is a free mobile and online service that enables farmers to connect with one another around the world to solve problems, share ideas and spread innovation.

He said that approximately 500 million small-scale farmers provide over 70% of the world’s food. However, up to 90% have no access to the

internet and are often isolated from basic agricultural information and new ideas.

“We have launched an SMS network enabling farmers to access crucial agricultural information from within the global farming community itself. The popularity of our peer-to- peer model proves that farmers are hungry to connect with each other and to share their insights, innovations and challenges. “  Ewan said

Saul Klein, Founder of Local Globe and seed investor in Wefarm said that  such initiative will  build  a community for the 18.5 million developers globally to share  programming knowledge.

Klein said the intent  is  to grow  the community to 300,0000 farmers, made up of dense localised clusters in key counties in Kenya and Uganda.

“ We are excited to see the team now implementing lessons from Kenya in Uganda, which is showing dramatically faster user growth. 300,000

farmer is an important milestone and we look forward to seeing continued growth in the months ahead.” Klein said.

Currently  over  180,000 farmers in Kenya have been reached through the initiative.