Raila Odinga re-raises the red flag on the once disputed tetanus vaccine


Nairobi,KENYA:NASA flag bearer Raila  Odinga has accused the Jubilee government of crimes against humanity by  imposing compulsory sterilization on hundreds of Kenyan girls through the once disputed tetanus vaccine.

Addressing Journalists at   his capitol hill offices, Raila stated that  based on their findings concerns by the catholic church in 2014 before the vaccine was introduced in Kenya that it caused permanent infertility were true.

“Some concerned Kenyans have approached us with samples which was used which we cross checked with other experts .Today we can confirm to the country that the catholic church was right” Raila said.

Raila said after the analysis of the vaccine from four institutions namely Agri Q Quest, Nairobi Hospital, University of Nairobi and Lancet Kenya they had come into the conclusion that more hundreds of girls  and women aged 14-49 had been directly affected by the vaccine.

The NASA flag bearer however did not state the exact number of women and girls who had been affected by the vaccine.

Raila claimed that some of the women interviewed could never carry a pregnancy unless a process to reverse the effects of the vaccination was initiated because the vaccine had a high content of  Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone which had the potential to cause permanent bareness.

However a joint statement by UNICEF and WHO in 2014 gave the go ahead on the vaccine stating that the vaccines were safe.

“We have taken note of test results claiming to show levels of hCG in samples submitted to some clinical laboratories. However it is important to note that testing for the content of a medicine, e.g TT Vaccine needs to be done in a suitable laboratory, and from a sample of the actual medicine/vaccine obtained from an unopened pack and not a blood sample. Furthermore the Pharmacy and Poisons Board – the legally mandated National Regulatory Authority has the capacity and mandate to determine the quality, safety and efficacy of medicines and to advise the Government accordingly.

WHO and UNICEF confirm that the vaccines are safe and are procured from a pre-qualified manufacturer. This safety is assured through a three-pronged global testing system and the vaccine has reached more than 130 million women with at least two doses of TT vaccines in 52 countries.” Read a statement released by the two organizations in 2014.

The NASA flag bearer wants the Kenyan government to apologize to the women affected and explain to them how they were intending to reverse the effects of the vaccine.