I will not vote for Raila in October polls! declares Omar


Mombasa, KENYA: Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar  on Monday said he will not vote for a Raila presidency in the October polls,days after he resigned from the Wiper political party leadership.

Addressing journalists, Omar said he informed NASA before the election that he would not be a member if he lost and wishes the coalition all the best.

“I have not fallen out with Raila Odinga it is only that our paths have gone different ways, but come October 17th I will not give him my vote but however wish him all the best.” Said Omar.

The former legislator said he has learned from the mistakes he made while in the Opposition saying that the Wiper Party was fluid and weak.

“Parties should add value to you. I do not desire anymore for the Wiper leadership.It is weak and fluid,I learned from my mistakes and experiences. I tried too much to to impress ethnic chiefs.I won’t be there to be duped twice.I am not a fool and I know the party you need to join, one that can give you chances.” Said Omar.

On Friday Mr.Omar filed a petition to challenge governor Joho’s victory.

Omar cited that the governor had forged academic certificates and used County government machinery to campaign.

In his petition, he said the voter turn out in Mombasa was below a 100,000 and termed 350,000 turn up as fake.

He also reitarated that he resigned as the wiper secretary general but said he was still a member of the Wiper party.

“I was not supported by Jubilee party during my campaign.It is only in NASA where they term politicians with ideologies as moles,” he said.

Omar has also affirmed that even if he will lose in court, he will still fight for the political will of  Mombasa residents.

He also called out Mombasa county assembly for electing a speaker because he is a friend to Governor Joho.