12 members of new criminal gang arrested in Likoni

Likoni police boss Benjamin Rotich (RIGHT) addressing the press in a past incident. PHOTO :FILE

Mombasa,KENYA:Police in Likoni,Mombasa are holding 12 suspected criminals of  a sect known as “Marcus’  who  are suspected to have butchered a bodaboda rider in Mtongwe  on Thursday.

The suspects  had earlier clashed with bodaboda riders in the area after the bodaboda riders tried to arrest one of their members who had tried to  rob  a school child.

According to Likoni police Chief Benjamin Rotich, one of the suspects had robbed a school child off his bag but the boda boda riders intervened and tried to arrest the suspect.

He escaped only to return with a contingent of armed members.

“We have 12 in custody and we are interrogating them, we want to find who they are, we are still gathering evidence,’’ said  the police boss.

Police are yet to establish the emergence of the new criminal gang and its agenda.

“This is a criminal gang  in the sub-county,what we know so far is that they were armed with crude weapons, we are still grilling those we arrested,”said  the police boss

All the seniors  at Likoni police station led the operation that lead to the arrest of the suspects.

Officers from Inuka,Likoni and the deputy county commissioner  in Vijiweni area were mobilized to disperse the bodaboda riders who engaged in fierce fighting with the gang members.

Transport and businesses in the Mtongwe area were paralyzed for over two hours as police engage them.

Police operations recently have registered successes with a number of criminal elements of Watalia and Wajuku wa bibi criminal gangs being apprehended and charged

Tension was still high in the areas of KD,Vijiweni and Soko Mjinga  in Mtongwe.

Dozens of police officers were seen patrolling the area  even after the bodaboda riders and the suspected criminal gang  had been dispersed