Lamu women rep-elect lobbying for 30% women representation

Lamu women representative Ruweida Obo addressing journalists in Lamu after being given her certificate after emerging the winner during the August elections. PHOTO/FILE.

Lamu,KENYA:Lamu Women Rep Ruweida Obbo has asked Governor Fahim Twaha to allocate 30 per cent of the county executive members representation to women in the county in order to ensure gender parity.

Ruweida also wants 30% women considered for the nominations in the ten county assembly members to the county assembly.

Addressing the public at the Mkunguni Square on Tuesday,Ruweida said women representation was not a favor for nay leader but a constitutional requirement that needs to be honored.

She said the county has many able women who play productive roles if appointed to the county cabinet and as nominated MCAs.

The women rep said with adequate representation,the county will depict the perfect picture of a region that believes in its women and their contribution towards development.

She said it was her duty as a legislator to monitor the work of the governor and ensure women and well represented and prioritized.

She said empowered women can do more than their male counterparts can and said there was need for all counties to invest in their women.

“I will deliver my mandate which also includes championing for gender parity and ensuring women get their rightful share and place in leadership and other nominations in the county.Thats why I am asking the governor to consider allocating 30% of his cabinet to women and also ensure the same number get nomination slots for MCAs.We can only forge ahead if we are well represented at all quotas and that’s my mandate to ensure that happens,”said Ruweida.

The woman rep also asked the governor to be lenient and not fire those employed in the last county government by his predecessor Issa Timamy.

She asked the governor to instead seek to be the unifying factor for all the people in the county with favor or intimidation.

“I believe in an inclusive leadership that doesn’t favor anyone but serves all equally and that’s why am calling on the governor to treat all as his people without having to mind whether they were employed by him or his predecessor.Lets unite Lamu,”she said.