Tanzanian artiste arrested with Narcotics

Wasafi's Harmonize hanging out with Chidi Benz PHOTO COURTESY

 Tanzanian rapper Chidi Benz has yet again found himself on the wrong hands of Tanzanian authorities after he was  arrested with heroine together with 6 others.

Tanzanian media reported that Chidi was arrested on a crackdown on by Tanzanian police on drug dens in Ilala a neighborhood in the Tanzanian capital Dares Salaam.

Last year Chidi Benz called on his colleagues in the Tanzanian showbiz industry to help him overcome his drug problem.

Chidi Benz who was at onetime one of the greatest bongo rappers had been reduced to a shadow of his former self before Diamond Platinumz’s manager Babu Tale came to his rescue.

“I am saddened by the cruelty of people posting his before-and-after photos. I called him (Chidi Benz) and told him I wanted to help him, but only if he was ready, and he was,” Babu Tale was quoted telling Tanzanian media last year.

Chidi was then admitted at the Life and Hope rehabilitation center in Bangamoyo before leaving rehab early this year.

Chidi joins the growing list of Tanzanian artistes who include Wema Sepetu,Rommy Jons,Vanessa Mdee and video vixen Agnes Masogange after allegedly being found in possession of narcortics.