Outgoing Lamu governor, Women Rep dispute election results; call for fresh exercise

Outgoing Lamu Governor Issa Timamy and Women Rep Shakilla Abdalla. PHOTO: NATSHA NEMA.

Lamu, KENYA: Outgoing Lamu county governor Issa Timamy and women rep Shakilla Abdalla have rejected results of last week’s general elections saying the exercise was marred with open malpractices that were meant to favor their opponents.

The two leaders who were both floored by their Jubilee rivals say IEBC officials seemed to operate in cahoots with their opponents; hence giving them an easy win over them.

Timamy was floored by JPs Fahim Twaha who got 22,969 votes against his 22,420 while Shakilla was floored by little known Ruweida Obo of JP who garnered 23,146 against Shakilla’s 13,387 votes.

Timamy and Shakilla insist that Fahim and Obo’s wins in the general elections were not genuine.

Twaha and Obo have already been handed their certificates by the IEBC and only await inauguration later in the week after which they will assume office.

Speaking in Lamu on Tuesday,Timamy accused the IEBC for openly favoring his opponent and playing tricks to ensure he (Twaha) is declared winner in a process he said was flawed from the start.

Timamy said he won the elections but stated that the government had longterm plans to have him removed from power so that they could ‘instal one of their own’.

“When I say I didn’t lose,its not a probability,it’s a fact.I won.But the government had plans to hoist me from long ago.Thats why my agents were thoroughly frustrated and molested by police at polling and tallying centres.All they wanted was to steal votes and get me out,”said Timamy.

Timamy said the IEBC locked out his agents from all polling stations and used police to frustrate his chief agents all across Lamu including in all tallying centres, adding that the move proved beyond doubt that something fishy was cooking which the IEBC didn’t want his agents privy to.

Timamy said the exercise had lots of loopholes and yet the IEBC pushed on and had his rival declared winner despite all the quesries raised.

Timamy backed NASA’s claims of hacking saying it was highly probable that the system was interfered with in favor of Jubilee aspirants.

“The IEBC said my rival amassed all votes in some polling stations,even those known to be my strongholds.Someone tell me how that is even close to possible.Even the most hated person gets two or three votes somewhere yet the IEBC says this guy got all votes in some of the stations.Its very funny.Its clear that games were played,loopholes are very visible and we raised them.I believe the system was hacked in Jubilee’s favor,its very open,”said Timamy.

On her side outgoing women rep Shakilla Abdalla called for a repeat of the entire exercise saying last week’s exercise was a sham having failed the credibility and transparent test.

Shakilla said the IEBC plotted to support all Jubilee aspirants in the county by ensuring the real votes of those in the opposition never get to see the light of day.

She stated that their was no way Obo would have beaten her in a fair competition and dared the IEBC to hold another exercise just for the two of them albeit fairly this time round.

Shakilla also said it was sinister that appointed agents of Wiper party to which she subscribes to were nowhere to be seen on election day and that in their place were strange and new faces who claimed to be party agents.

“Am still trying to understand the issue of strange agents claiming to be for Wiper party. I have never seen them before.They must have been bought and send their purposefully to interfere with due procedure.The Lamu vote was openly stolen,there’s no secret about it.We just want this whole thing repeated,”said Shakilla.