IEBC denies hacking claims by NASA

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Chief Executive Officer Ezra Chiloba. FILE/ PHOTO.

Nairobi, KENYA: The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has refuted claims by the opposition that their election management system was hacked.

In a press briefing Wednesday evening, IEBC chief executive officer Ezra Chiloba stated there was no internal or external interference of their RTS system before, during and after polls.

“The RTS remains a secure asset for the people of Kenya and we have maintained the integrity of the system. It is safe and secure” Chiloba said.

Addressing the press earlier on Wednesday, opposition leader Raila Odinga claimed that they have a proof hackers altered results on the system onTuesday.

Mr Odinga has rejected provisional results from Tuesday’s vote indicating a strong lead for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The commission said the claims by NASA cannot be substantiated adding that ‘no passwords were given to anyone until the eve of the polls”.

Chiloba confirmed that all political stakeholders have acknowledged access to the portal with form 34A’s.

The opposition pushed IEBC to urgently provide them with Forms 34A to show real results from the ground as required by law.

Chiloba pointed that they had received 29,000 Form 34As transmitted with text while 10,921 such files have been uploaded on the public portal.

He said 1,300 polling stations are yet to report.

“ We are expecting the 34B forms from the consistency returning officers across the country,” he noted.

Chiloba called for patience saying his team is committed to completing the process.

Incumbent, President Uhuru Kenyatta has maintained a steady lead in the presidential ballot as results continued to trickle in with Kenyatta garnering 8,009,175 votes representing 54.31% of the total votes counted so far.

He is closely followed by NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga with 6,608,405 votes representing 44.81% of the total votes counted.