Marwa bans fishermen canoes and Alcohol sale


Mombasa,KENYA:The Coast regional coordinator Nelson Marwa has banned sale of Alcohol during the election period and the operation of fishermen boats and canoes.

In a presser at his offices at Uhuru na Kazi building, Marwa said the move was aimed at encouraging voters to turn out in large numbers .

“We have suspended the operation of bars during the election period because we have intelligent reports that criminals are intending to hide in bars” Marwa said.

Marwa also added that they had suspended the operation of boats during the election day.

“We have reports that some people want to use the canoes to bring in suspicious cargo and ferry hooligans meant to cause chaos so we have requested assistance from the Kenya Navy to ensure that no private boat or canoe will be operating tomorrow.” Marwa said.

Marwa has said that they have put in place adequate measures to ensure all insecurity loopholes have been sealed.