Luo professionals slam elders for divisive politics in Mombasa

A section of Luo elders at the Coast who vowed to back governor Joho's re-election bid. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: A section of the Luo scholars in Mombasa County have issued a stern warning to their Luo elders not to influence their political decisions focusing on a particular candidate during the August polls.

Speaking to journalist in Mombasa on Thursday, the Mombasa Luo Professional Caucus chairperson Paul Odhiambo insisted that every Kenyan has a constitutional right to support any candidate of his/her choice.

The caucus official pointed out that the National Super Alliance NASA as an umbrella body consists of major political parties with representatives from all parts of the country and therefore would not allow anybody to influence their ideological perspectives.

“Every Kenyan has a constitutional right to support any candidate of his/her choice. NASA is an umbrella body with representatives from all parts of the country; we will not therefore allow anybody to influence our decisions.” The official said.

Odhiambo claims that as educationists hailing from the Luo Community they are vested with the mandate of making the right decisions on behalf of the entire community.

He however urged all Kenyans throughout the country to vote in focused responsible transparent and accountable leaders, who have the ability deliver to required services to all Kenyans irrespective of their background and political inclinations.

On the other hand, the Luo caucus vice chairperson Thomas Bando noted that the scholars will not be swayed by the political wind that is sweeping across the country being played by politicians with self seeking interests.

The vice chair urged the Independent and Boundaries Commission to exercise impartiality, credibility, fairness, and justified electoral process.

“We will not be swept away by the political wind that is currently sweeping across this country. At the same time we are calling upon the IEBC to exercise impartiality, ensure credibility, fairness and just elections to Kenyans.” He insisted.

This comes few days after claims arose that two distinct groups purporting to be from the Luo eleders community, declared their willingness to support two different prominent personalities in Mombasa gubernatorial contest.