Commonwealth to assist in investigating Msando’s death

Former Ghanaian president John Mahama addresses the media at a past event PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi,KENYA:Commonwealth countries have assured the late Chris Msando’s family of their support in investigating his death together with other security officials to help bring culprits to book.

Speaking to the media on Thursday  in Nairobi, former Ghanaian president  John Mahama who is also the chairman of  the Commonwealth observer group, expressed his condolences to the family and  colleagues of the late Musando, promising that they will join with all those calling for a full, rigorous and thorough investigation to find out who is responsible and why the murder took place.

“Our sympathies are with the family and friends of Mr Msando and our interest is in a peaceful and credible election process.” Said Mahama .

A cursory look at his remains, now at Lee Funeral Home in Nairobi, reveals a possible struggle with his killers, who overpowered, hit and killed him.

Further the report indicated that the body had visible injuries in the back and left side of his head and on his belly.

Mahama was speaking when officiating commonwealth observers group that will be meeting with the officials of Independent electorate and boundaries commissions (IEBC), political parties and the police in their respective locations on Saturday the 5th of August to intensify on the way forward.

Their remarks come a few days after the NASA coalition urged the IEBC to replace the late Chris Msando with a foreign expert preferably from the Commonwealth or the UN.

American and the US government have also offered their help in investigating Msando’s death.