Kenya to invest sh. 4.5 bn in Fisheries, Marine research

Kenya's research fishing vessel, RV Mtafiti, in the Kilindini waters of Mombasa. PHOTO: COURETSY.

Mombasa, KENYA: The ministry of Agriculture will invest a total of sh.4.5 billion in the next five years to enable marine scientist exploit the Indian Ocean through improving the aqua-technology needed to spur development in the country.

Addressing marine stakeholders and experts at the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research offices in Mombasa on Tuesday during the official launch of the newly constructed marine facility, Agriculture CS Willy Bett said the government is committed to invest in both the fisheries and marine research sectors for the outright benefit of future generations.

He noted that the government has partnered with the World Bank to invest in the the sector so that the standards of living of Kenyans can be uplifted, adding that marine experts have a crucial role to play as far as exploiting the oceans is concerned.

“The government is committed to fully invest in the fishing and marine research sector for the benefit of the future generation. We are partnering with the world bank to invest in the sector so that the countrys’ Gross Domestic Product can be realized.” The CS said.

The CS insisted that the five year programme will enable the country realize its economic potential by rising the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) hence improving the standard of living amongst Kenyans.

He applauded the management of the the institute for their efforts in erecting one of the state-of-the-art research facility in Mombasa county pointing out that is an exceptional facility both at the Coast and Kenya as a whole.

“I wish to take this opportunity to applaud the management of the institute for the ceaseless efforts in erecting the state of the art facility.” He said.

The Center, situated at the shoreline at English Point, Mkomani is vested with the responsibility of carrying out inventory and assessment of fish stocks, their spatial and temporal abundance and distribution.

It also conducts research on oceanography and hydrography including physical, chemical, biological and geological oceanography of the inshore, near shore and offshore waters.

It also supports bio-prospecting in these waters and research on sustainable use and protection of aquatic resources in marine waters.

The center is geared towards establishing cost-effective methods for sustainable exploitation of the aquatic resources (and the environment) through participatory approaches with stakeholders; including local communities, researching on new adaptive culture species and techniques for enhanced fish production in different culture systems.

The center has a new vessel RV Mtafiti used for conducting research on inventorying and assessment of fish stocks.