SGR to roll out two way tickets in August

The SGR station in Mombasa. The Madaraka express services that were halted in March will resume on Monday. PHOTO: FILE

Mombasa,KENYA:The Kenya Railways is set to introduce two way tickets next month for commuters travelling on the SGR train.

According to a statement by the corporation, commuters will be able to book two way tickets if the duration between departure and return is within 7 days.

“Effective August 1,we shall also rollout return tickets.This is applicable for situations where the departure and return dates are within the 7 day window” Wrote the Kenya Railways.

Currently commuters can only book one way tickets and must show up at the train station to book.

The corporation has also affirmed it is in the process of revising its tickets and booking methods to introduce online booking and include passenger details on the ticket.

The corporation has in past instances confirmed that absence of passenger details has created a loophole in while unscrupulous agents brokers are taking advantage of to purchase tickets and re sell them at a fee.

The announcement comes just a week after 7 people were charged in a court in Mombasa over the unlawful reselling of SGR tickets .