Marwa links herders from neighboring counties to terror activities in Lamu


Lamu, KENYA: Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa has ordered herders from neighboring counties to leave Lamu at once.

Speaking in Lamu ,Marwa linked the herders to increased terror attacks in the county and said as such each should stay in their respective counties.

He said the herders mostly from Tana River,Gariss and Wajir have now become a security threat.

He also said those already in the county will be subjected to intense vetting and verification from police in order to ascertain whether or not they were genuine.

Marwa said the number herders coming into Lamu County had increased in recent days and wondered why it was so considering there were adequate pastures in all counties following the rains.

“Any herder who knows they aren’t from Lamu must leave at once.The drought is long gone,”said Marwa.

He said the continued influx of the herders into the county was suspiciously consistent with the increased terror attacks and as such there is need for foreign herders to stay away from Lamu while local ones will be thoroughly placed on police radar.

Marwa said police were now keeping a close watch on all herder who are currently in the county and that any suspicious activities will promptly be nipped out.

He also warned herders against grazing their livestock too close to the new Lamu port LAPSSET site in Kililana saying the area was out of bounds.

“Some herders just have three or four animals then you wonder what kind of herders they are.Right now there is rain and enough pasture everywhere and why they cant stay in their counties and graze there and insist of doing it in Lamu is very suspicious.” Said Marwa

Herders are normally found in Jima ,Poromoko,Pandanguo,Witu Chalaluma,Hindi,Hongwe,Bargoni,Moa amongst others,all of which have had brushes with terrorists.