89% of Kenyans connected to the internet, says CA


Nairobi, KENYA: 89 percent of Kenyans have been connected with internet, this is according to the Communication Authority of Kenya.

In a media briefing in Nairobi on Wednesday, Universal Advisory Council chair Catherine Ngahu said that even though internet connectivity stands at 89% , 348 sub-locations have not been connected with internet.

“Internet connectivity across the country currently stands at 89% ,due to increased access to mobile terminal devices.” Ngahu said.

She said that digital broadcasting connectivity stands at 78%.

Meanwhile,Ngahu was reappointed as a chair of the Universal Advisory Council together with other five members who will oversee communication advisory matters to help in improving connectivity across the country.

On the other hand. CA director Francis Wangusi said that the commission is currently connecting 896 secondary schools with broadband thus 50 percent of schools have been connected .

He pointed that the commission has awarded 78 sub-locations to two mobile telcom firms to enhance mobile services .

The CA will improve connectivity to various institutions across the country so as to help the country move forward in terms of ICT.

Kenya’s internet has been ranked the fastest in Africa and one of the most affordable according to a report by Akamai’s State of the Internet Connectivity Report.

Out of the 108 countries sampled globally, Kenya has been ranked 23rd with speeds of 15Mbps.