Awiti decries foul play after goons bring down his billboard again

Nyali MP Hezron Awiti. PHOTO: COURTEY.

Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa Gubernatorial candidate  Hezron Awiti has recorded a statement with the police following the pulling down of his bill boards despite him following the required procedure.

According to Awiti, the incident took place around midnight and unknown people who were well armed with machetes pulled down the billboards bearing his image.

Addressing the media on Friday, Awiti said he was really surprised that the security officers manning the roadblock at Buxton area were not aware of the incident.

“The distance between here and the police roadblock is not more than 10 m,so I wonder what the police officers were doing when this incident took place?” Posed Awiti.

The current Nyali MP added that the suspects got into a probox KCL 613X after performing the act.

He claims that he followed the law but he can’t still understand why he is being targeted when he tries to put up his billboard.

“I have been allowed by IEBC and  I even contacted the supplier of billboards and they were to give me six billboards but I don’t know whether every time they are going to be removing them at night!” Said Awiti

For now he says he has called the county commissioner and his deputy about the matter and says they are investigating about it.

Last month, a Mombasa court dismissed a case against the Vibrant Democratic Party leader  where he was supposed to be charged over unlawful erection of billboards and attempting to erect a billboard without a legal permit.

Mombasa principal Magistrate Charles Ndegwa  heeded to a plea by the Director of Public prosecutions Alexander Muteti to dismiss the case over lack of grounds to charge Awiti.

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