Exclusive:How impostor attempted to con Akothee’s fans through mentorship program


Over the past few  weeks a section of Akothee’s fans have been left with a bitter taste in their mouths after an impersonator using Akothee’s details attempted to scam them.

According to one of the victims Irene Kinya who spoke to Baraka FM on Wednesday, it all started in a Facebook account going by the name Akothee Kenya that posted Akothee would be mentoring women and requested those who would be interested to inbox that account.

Akothees page is not yet verified by facebook.

What  followed is  the creation of a whatsapp group “Akothee mentorship” that sought to bring together all those who were interested in the said mentorship  program.



Irene revealed to Baraka FM that the impostor required her to register for partnership with sh. 20,000 and even sent her a partnership contract bearing Akothee’s official names.

A copy of the contract sent to victims PHOTO /BARAKA FM


However, a group member suspected foul play when the group Admin the supposed “Akothee” left the group much to the dismay of the members.

A spot check by Baraka FM revealed that the Facebook account is still in operation however the post calling for those interested in mentorship has since been pulled down.

Akothee’s manager  Nelly Oaks spoke to Baraka FM and confirmed that the account belonged to an impersonator.

“That is a fraudster posing as Akothee, you need to help us expose them!” Oaks said.

Akothee who has been in hospital over a leg injury  becomes the latest celebrity victim of internet impersonators.

In May, singer Otile Brown raised the red flag on an account that had been posing as him extorting money from those seeking to collaborate with him.