Wiper candidate steals show as he arrives at rally aboard a camel

Kilifi North MP candidate Eliud Kalama, arriving at the Kilifi Water sports ground on a Camel during a NASA rally. He forced NASA presidential candidate to pause his speech as attention had been grabbed by the candidate. PHOTO: DAVID NGUMBAO.

Kilifi, KENYA:  KilifI North MP candidate on a Wiper ticket Eliud Kalama stole the show during a NASA rally in Kilifi by choosing to attend the function aboard a camel.

During the rally over the weekend,  NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga, was forced to pause and wait for the candidate to make his way to the venue before he could continue addressing the residents; as everyone wanted to see who the leader was.


Supporters could be heard hailing him for choosing to use a common and local means of transport to attend the high rated rally that took center stage of almost the entire Kilifi County all the way from Kilifi South, Kilifi North, Ganze, Magarini and Malindi sub-counties .

“Kalama is a man of the people bwana,” some people in attendance to the rally could be heard talking to each other.

“What he has done is degrading himself. How dare could he decide to attend such a dignitary rally on a camel? In fact it shows how much he is planning to drag developments the same way a camel does things,” others would be heard opposing Kalama’s supporters.

In his speech, Kalama called upon voters to vote him in and be sure of equal delivery.

“My urge to you (Voters) is to kindly vote for me in the forthcoming general elections and I assure you of equal delivery on development,” he said.

Kalama’s opponent who will be vying for the same seat on an ODM ticket Owen Baya, on his part  asked to be voted in for high quality education, water, among other essential projects.

“If you me in on August 8, you assure yourself of quality education, water, infrastructure and many more,” he said.