Mombasa socialite who allegedly miscarried Ali Kiba’s baby attacks him

Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba PHOTO COURTESY

Last week reports emerged that singer Ali Kiba had been reported at the Oyster bay police station in the Tanzanian capital Dares Salaam by a Mombasa lady, who traveled all the way alleging he was neglecting a baby she sired with the Aje singer.

On Saturday, a Mombasa  socialite who was alleged to have lost Ali Kiba’s unborn baby through a miscarriage late last year, has distanced herself from the singer calling him all sorts of unprintable names.

In a post on Instagram, Rahima Faisal who popularly calls herself that-ugandan-bossete  wrote :

“I refuse to be associated with this b*tch a*s n*gga…. I am not in any Tanzania nor with anything of his 
These shenanigans should just end… Mwanaume wa kudona dona kama kuku kavu kavu I refuse to be associated with that person kabisaaaaaaa!!!!
????”(A man who  behaves like a wild chicken)

A screenshot of the post by Rahima PHOTO COURTESY

It is not clear why the socialite seems so bitter with the singer, but late last year the socialite revealed that the singer had refused to take responsibility for the unborn baby.

Ali Kiba who was recently in the country for the recording of Coke studio Africa, has not responded to the socialite but said he would conduct a paternity test to ascertain the DNA of the other baby he is alleged to have sired with the other Mombasa lady.