Hundreds of police officers deployed to Likoni to curb the possibility of violence

Police Patroling Likoni area . A victim who was hacked by suspected criminal groups who clashed in the area on Saturday has been confirmed to be a Rwandese national PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa,KENYA:The National police service has deployed hundreds of police officers to Likoni sub-county ahead of the August general election ,police bosses revealed on Wednesday.

This was after the Sub-county was profiled by NCIC officials as a hotspot area where violence is likely to breakout.

The civilian and uniformed officers have been also provided with sophisticated gadgets which they will use in recording all hate speech mongers.

Likoni DCI boss Henry Ndombi on Wednesday confirmed they have been provided with all what’s needed by the national police service and more so the gadgets.

He said the officers will be armed with special gadgets which will record anyone with an ill motive transmitting directly to the headquarters where a signal will be sent back for them to take appropriate action to be taken.

He further warned the individuals propagating hate speech of dire consequences if found guilty.
“Anyone misusing the gadgets get it clear from us here: We will trail you with the help of cybercrime unit and we will definitely catch up with you, “the DCI boss warned politicians.

“We have enough forces after Likoni was mapped one of the hotspots areas, we will not take anything lightly so long as we are follow the right legal procedure,”added the DCI boss.

He also said the sub-county had been provided with enough vehicles which will be used in patrolling the area.

Likoni OCPD Willy Simba said they have profiled the criminal gangs terrorizing the residents together with their financiers suspected to be politicians.

He said the final list was ready and soon major arrest will be made

Gangs that have been named by police officers as Wakali kwanza,Watalia and Wajuku wa bibi have in the past been profiled by security officials as dangerous groups responsible for the insecurity in Likoni.