Third way alliance party slams Jubilee and NASA’s manifestos

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto during the launch of the jubilee manifesto PHOTO COURTESY

Kilifi,KENYA:National Supper Alliance (NASA) and Jubilee have been dealt a blow in their hunt for votes as Third Way Alliance Party slammed their manifestos.

The party led by its Presidential flag bearer Ekuru Aukot said the manifestos are just decorated documents with sweet words and phrases but are never implemented.

Emmanuel Kombe Nzai, the party’s presidential running mate said the two coalitions are led by the same people who have ever been contributing to the deteriorating economy of the country.

He said the principles of the coalitions have failed to put forward to Kenyans what they have done to ensure even the local wananchi feels them.

“I think these people are jokers,” said Nzai during a press briefing in Kilifi on Wednesday.

“They are the same people who have failed to come up with concrete solution to poverty, hunger and poor education standards to the locals and instead have concentrated to empowering the able in the urban areas.

Look, Ganze and many other places have been hit by hunger ever since independence and these people (President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga) have both been into the government but they have done nothing to burry these vices, now they again come here with lots of support from our own leaders asking for more time to make the people suffer most, this is shameful,” he reiterated.

Nzai said his party has set clear guidelines on how to involve the youth and women in their administration if elected.

He said the youths and women are the ones with many votes but then the people they vote in to power forget them too easily thereafter.

“We all know that the pillar of every country is the youths and women, but leaders forget them immediately they get into power, something that our administration has taken care of,” Nzai added.

He urged residents to turn out in large numbers to vote Third way into power on the August 8 polls.