Body of missing seven-year-old boy found in borehole

A borehole in Lamu county.A family in Likoi area of Mombasa has been thrown into mourning after two family members drowned in a borehole PHOTO NATASHA NEMA.

Lamu, KENYA: The body of a seven year old boy was on Wednesday morning discovered in a borehole at Kithanguni Kikuyu area in Mkomani ward,Lamu town.

According to the boy’s father Fikiri Dondole,the son went missing on Tuesday evening and efforts to search for him were futile.

A report was made at the nearby Swafaa Mosque where the announcement of the boy’s disappearance was made yesterday evening.

His father however discovered his son’s body in the borehole and he rose to fetch water at 6am Wednesday as is his usual routine.

“He went missing from our house at around 5pm Tuesday evening.We searched for him all over but couldn’t find him.I then reported to the nearby mosque where they announced his disappearance and I was looking forward to seeing him since I thought he had just strayed.I however found a body in the borehole and it was my son.Its so painful,”said Dondole.

Dondole who is caretaker of the farm said he couldn’t understand how his son would have possibly drowned in the borehole.

“I am shocked since he has always played here with his siblings.Am yet to wrap my head around what happened.I cant seem to understand how that could happen,”he said.

Locals however feel the boy could have been murdered elsewhere and his body dumped in the borehole as cover up.

The body has been taken to the King Fahad county hospital for post mortem.