Gunga Mwinga blasts NASA over ‘six piece’ voting system

Kaloleni legislator Gunga Mwinga at a past function PHOTO COURTESY

Kilifi,KENYA:Devolution party of Kenya leader Gunga Mwinga has blasted National Super Alliance (NASA) for preaching six piece voting system to the residents of Kilifi.

The legislator who was speaking in Kilifi county over the weekend said he is surprised to hear the advocacy on the system from the same people who have been telling Kenyans that they want change yet the system takes Kenya back to the KANU era.

Mwinga who ditched his mother party Kadu Asili and formed the DPK party said the system is set to deter conjugal rights for the voters to elect leaders of their choice.

“It’s really surprising to hear the same people telling people to embrace democracy and then they turn to advocate for six piece system which is against democracy,” Mwinga said.

“I have been listening to them every time they hold their rallies in Kilifi County, what they are up to is to deter conjugal rights for the people of Kilifi something which will never happen,” he added.

He said he is certain that the people of Kilifi and the entire country know who to vote in and who to vote out in the August 8 polls.

Asked whether the six piece system would affect his campaign plans to restore his parliamentary seat, Mwinga said, “Not really. I know what I am doing to restore my seat of Kaloleni Mp. But my urge to the so called NASA leaders is to stop that tendency of lying to the people of Kilifi that voting six piece is the solution to problems of this county. That’s an obvious lie.”

However Kilifi governor Amason Kingi said during the rally in Mariakani on Thursday that the system is set to give power to the president in parliament and the governor in the county assembly on matters of bills and motions.

“We know that you love our NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga and you are willing to vote him in in the August 8 polls, but it’s not enough still,” Kingi explained.

“As the president, he needs soldiers who are you to assist him in passing of bills and motions in parliament and the same applies to me at the county assembly,” he added.