Uncertainty after UK prime minister loses parliament majority in snap polls

British Prime Minister Theresa May leaves 10 Downing Street in central London on January 24, 2017 PHOTO COURTESY

Uncertainty over UK prime minister Theresa May’s political career in the UK is high after his party lost the legislative majority.

In a snap poll held on 8th of June, Theresa May’s conservative party  garnered 318 of the legislative seats while Corbyns party garnered 261 of the seats  the SNP garnered 35 votes while the liberal democratic party garnered 12 seats.

According to the UK constitution a party must garner  at least 326 of the legislative seats for it to become an overall majority.

With the Labor party calling for her to quit saying that she had lost the confidence vote, Theresa May has not shown any intention to quit with the BBC reporting that she had shown intentions of forming the government on the basis of her party winning the largest number of legislative seats.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that May’s party was in talks with the Democratic union party which scored 10 seats in Northern Ireland to form some sort of informal union.

However more  reports indicate that May is expected to seek permission from the British royal family to form a government in a meeting scheduled for 9th June at the Buckingham Palace.

Theresa May became the leader of the the conservative party in June 2016 following the resignation of prime minister David Cameron following the results of the 2016 polls which voted in favor of Brexit.

May was later appointed as prime minister by Queen Elizabeth 11 in July 2016.

Critics have argued that an April decision by May to have snap polls was a suicidal one as his party has lost the majority grip.