ODM Tana river gubernatorial candidate’s name replaced with rival on IEBC list

Tana River Governor Dhadho Godhana (R) in a past media briefing PHOTO COURTESY
 Tana River,KENYA:There was confusion  on Sunday in Tana river county during the IEBC nominations for gubernatorial aspirants held at the Galole IEBC office in Hola, Tana River County.
According to the IEBC final list, retired major and former Galole Mp Mr. Samuel Dhadho Gadae Godhana who appeared in the interim list was replaced with former CEC in the County Mr. Adam Barisa Dhidha who lost to him in the April party primaries.
The two participated in the ODM party nominations held in April where Mr. Godhana emerged the winner after garnering 12,376 votes against 3071 votes for Mr. Adam Barisa Dhidha.
This takes place few days after another function held at Mau Mau Girls School by the IEBC during its pre-nominations for county aspiring leaders where the IEBC mentioned Mr. Godhana among the six aspirants for governorship position excluding Mr. Barisa.
Initially, unconfirmed reports circulating among members of  the public stated  that both candidates  had been  handed the ODM Tana river gubernatorial certificates despite Mr. Godhana acquiring his on the very day the results were announced by the chairman for County Electoral committee Mr. Joshua Jarha.
According to a report from  the Galole returning officer, Mr. Mohamed Gonjobe Raka, the changes had been made from the head office which interchanged some members in the list adding  that he could not understand the changes but to follow what had been sent. 
“In the other list we had that name among the aspirants but I think there were some changes may be because this list now is the one sent by the head office to us. I cannot know what happened,” Mr. Raka said.
Mr Godhana has been on the spotlight in the past few days after rivals disputed his academic background and credentials with some saying that he was likely to be locked out of because of lack of proper academic credentials .
Concerning the same, Mr. Barisa told journalists that it was an order from ODM head office that pushed him to race.
According to him he was told through a call that his name was presented to the IEBC so that the party could not miss somebody in the race and that he could not deny because he himself had a concern on the same.
“I got a call from head office that my name was presented to the IEBC in order for the party to get an aspirant in the race, and I cannot go against the party demand,” he said.
Mr. Godhana through social media dismissed the matter saying he would win big and he confirmed  that he would present his papers on Thursday before the IEBC for clearance.
” Who else!!! They need not worry. We are hitting the ground big, soon. My name is there n will be presenting my papers on Thursday,” he said on an interview through social media.