Joho should go home for poor development record, says Jubilee leaders


Mombasa, KENYA: Jubilee leaders in Mombasa County have vowed to kick the ODM led county government out of power on claims of laxity in implementing developments projects in the county.

Speaking to journalists at the Wesley Methodists on Thursday, Matano Chengo the Jubilee chairperson Mombasa county, said it is high time the ODM government paved way to the Jubilee regime to take over the leadership of the county.

Matano highlighted that the party has developed concrete strategies at the grassroots  to ensure that all elective posts go to Jubilee aspirants and refuted claims by ODM party leaders that Mombasa region is an ODM zone.

“Time has come and this is the time for the jubilee government to take over the leadership of the county. As a party we have outlined our strategies starting from the grassroot level. We will ensure that all the seats go to our aspirants come August this year.” He insisted.

The party official claimed that county government officials have become incompetent and focus on individual interests instead of the majority.

Swaleh Shambi, a Jubilee Youth League chairperson Mombasa county said the league committee has offered the youth a leadership platform in order to seize power in the county.

He pointed out that ODM has no development agenda to the common man but only concentrate on power sharing deals amongst the big fishes.

“The aim of the league is to give the youth in this county a platform where they can take over the leadership from a selfish few. ODM party leders always concentrate on power sharing and forget some of the burning issues in this county.” He said.