(Photo) Keroche heiress slams body shamers after losing over 30Kgs!!

The Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai PHOTO COURTESY

Anerlisa Muigai the heiress to Keroche breweries has slammed body-shamers who used to troll her back then when she was struggling with weight issues.

In a post on her Facebook page, Anerlisa who shocked many last year when she revealed that she had lost over 30 kgs called out on all the body-shamers saying that she worked her way off to where she is right now.

“This post is for everyone who called me FAT and also those who said all sorts of hurtful things to do with my weight. You all thought i couldn’t loose weight but now i am healthier and happier than ever.Because of them, i worked my a** off and kept it consistent.
Sometimes it’s good to show some people that they don’t always win. Never let your haters win, People will always try to look for things to say to hurt you. Keep your head high and be the winner.
*i haven’t forgotten the meal plan, will post it soon in video form and i will also be demonstrating everything step by step and if you want to know my weightloss journey please go through my before posts, i have explained all that.
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#1yearand7monthsresults#determination #hardwork#proudofmyself#nopainnogain” Wrote Anerlisa on facebook.

The before and After photo of Anerlisa Muigai PHOTO COURTESY
The before and After photo of Anerlisa Muigai PHOTO COURTESY

Through her social media pages, Anerlisa who doubles as the CEO of NERO water has kept encouraging those struggling with weight issues.