Fans and celebrities mourn wife to Mombasa’s showbiz icon

The late Dru Sonko (L) with her husband Dan Kinyajui and son PHOTO COURTESY

You must have come across at least a social media post bearing the name Dru Sonko this week, accompanied by a get-well-soon message or message of condolence.

So big was this that even Robert Alai, one of Kenya’s biggest online personalities posted about it on Facebook. So, just who is Dru Sonko?

Dru (short for Druscilla) is the  wife to Mombasa’s showbiz icon, Dan Sonko(real name Dan Kinyanjui) who passed on at the Agha Khan Hospital in Mombasa after delivering a baby boy through the caesarian section.

She might not be popular in showbiz circles, but the husband is. Dan Sonko is an actor who’s been in a number of TV series, with the latest being Saida, a businessman & an event organizer.

He’s part of the Quayside Media team that revolutionized showbiz in Mombasa in the mid 2000s through events organization.

He’s also a popular face in theatre circles around the city.

His late wife, who’s a common gem around him in events & social media photos, went into a coma after  the delivery on Saturday night,  Her husband made an appeal for blood on early Sunday morning.

She remained in that state till Tuesday, where she passed on at 1:05pm according to social media posts by people close to them.

She leaves behind two boys, 5 year-old Djibril and Darrell, who’s less than a week old.

Showbiz personalities across the country who include Lulu Hassan ,Alex Mwakideu and Eve D’Souza have mourned the late Dru.

We the Baraka FM team send our condolences to the family.