Six Al-shabaab suspects arrested at Sakina mosque acquitted


Mombasa, KENYA: A Mombasa court on Monday acquitted six youths alleged to be members of Al-shabaab group operating in Mombasa.

The suspects were arrested over youth radicalization on 16th November, 2014, after security agents stormed Sakina mosque, Majengo area in Mombasa County .

Mombasa senior resident magistrate Edigah Kagoni said the evidence in court was insufficient to convict Ali Kashmin, Rama Nasoro Makoto, Kazungu David, Bakari Kassim Omar, George Kasongo, and Yassir Said thus setting them free.

They had also been charged for being in possession of explosives, firearm and ammunition without a licence and also planning to commit a felony in the country.

They had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Kagoni directed items recovered in a room inside mosque including; three hand grenade,a pistol,six round of ammunition,lap top,camera,six pangas,knives mobile phones to be destroyed.

“The prosecution has not brought materials in court to show movies banned by the government of Kenya, am not convinced that movies and photos brought in court as evidence are not authorized by the government,” said Kagoni.