Heavy rains cause havoc in Mombasa

Flooded area in Kiembeni Mombasa. PHOTO: BARAKA FM.

Mombasa, KENYA: Nearly 100 homes have been flooded in Likoni, Mombasa county following heavy downpour which have now lasted for a week.

Areas affected are Mrima, Majengo Mapya and Migombani.

A spot check by Baraka FM in the area on Monday revealed that at least 10 houses in Migombani area were in the verge of collapsing.

Area local elder who identifies only by one name Mohammed, told Baraka FM that a cholera outbreak could soon be reported due to poor drainage and latrines which have flooded.

Likoni was one of the areas in the county hit by cholera outbreak in 2015 where four people were reportedly affected.

Mombasa is said to be a hot spot for cholera outbreak due to the mushrooming slums.

Mr Mohammed, blamed the poor planning and drainage system saying most of the residents had constructed houses on sewerage line.

He asked the county government to unclog the drainage system to avoid further damage and outbreak of water borne diseases.

“You can see for yourself,this were the sewer lines but people have constructed houses on top of it ,what does this tells,” asked Mr. Mohammed.

Other areas in Mombasa that have also experienced flooding is Kiembeni and in Kizingo 4 children and 1 woman were on Monday reported trapped, after a wall fell on a residential house in Kizingo following heavy rains,efforts to rescue them were ongoing.

By the time of going to press already six people were reported dead.

Ongoing rescue operations at Kizingo in Mombasa.
Ongoing rescue operations at Kizingo in Mombasa.