Move out of NASA,Kaya elders to governor Joho


Mombasa,KENYA:Coast Kaya leaders have urged Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho  to move out of  NASA because he was not  allocated any post when the umbrella body declared its official flag bearer on Thursday.

Addressing the media on Sunday in one of the hotels in Mombasa Rama Mwangombe the patron of the Kaya Elders at the Coast said NASA has no party with its origin from the coast unlike the other co-principals.

Mwang’ombe added that for many years the coastal communities have been divided along tribal ethnical and political inclinations that has led to coast politicians being segregated by big political machineries.

“We urge our son (Joho) to move out of NASA, this is because he was not given any opportunity in the umbrella body. NASA has no  party that owes its origin in the coast,unlike other co- principals.” The patron said.

He insisted that the leaders who formed the umbrella body have no good will to the coastal politicians and therefore called for coast leaders to form parties that will fully represent the coastal people.

However, Mwang’ombe said the region was ready to join any political movement that would advocate  for progressive development .

At the same time, Shaaban Ndegwa one of the elders in the council highlighted that Coastal people are not ready to be divided along tribal lines and urged national politicians against misusing local politicians for their personal gains.

Ndegwa urged Kenyans to maintain peace during this campaign period as the country heads towards the August elections.

“We are not ready to be divided along tribal ethnical lines. We urge every Kenyan to maintain peace during this period.” Ndegwa said.

On the other hand, Abdalla Mnyenze the chairman of the Kaya Elders Council declared that the coastal people have been politically misused by past regimes adding that it is high time we arise and fight for our rights.

He however urged coast leaders to join the ruling party if development is to be realized at the coast.

“The coastal people have been politically misused by the past regimes and I believe this is our time to show them that we also exist. We urge our leaders to join the ruling party if we are to talk about development at the coast.” The chairman said.

He condemned leaders who incite violence among the diverse coastal communities saying that they have bad intentions for the people.