Age is just but a number,Akothee

Flamboyant singer Akothee in a still taken in a video shoot for her song Yuko moyoni PHOTO CDOURTESY

Flamboyant singer Akothee has once again voiced her support to couples with huge age differences.

Through her Instagram account the singer who came to the defense of her friend Nyota Ndogo when people slammed her for getting married to a man 18 years her senior last year has voiced her support to a couple with a much bigger age difference.
The singer posted a photo of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron and his wife Bridgette Macron who is 24 years older captioning it

“good night , just make noise but this is the president to be & his lovely wife , you will make noise eat mbosho & sleep ,”

A screenshot of the post by Akothee PHOTO COURTESY
A screenshot of the post by Akothee PHOTO COURTESY

Akothee who recently broke up with her Swiss boyfriend who was alleged to be older than her has always been on the forefront to support dating between couples with huge age differences and joins the growing list of people voicing their support to the couple whose marriage has been criticized by opponents throughout the French presidential campaigns. Akothee has in past interviews revealed that the father of her last born son is French.

Emmanuel is 39 while his wife is 63 and his wife was his theater teacher who he met while aged 15 and married in 2007 .
Macron might soon become the president of France if he wins a presidential runoff scheduled for May 7 after beating his closest opponent Marie Le Pen in the first round of voting .