KNHCR petitions the supreme court on integrity of aspirants

KNHCR chairperson George Morara PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi,KENYA:Non governmental organisations in the country led by Kenya National on Human Rights commission has gone to supreme court to seek an advisory opinion on leadership and integrity as a test for leaders seeking elective and appointive posts.

In a press briefing in Nairobi KNHCR vice chair George Morara said that there is need for the supreme court to determine whether those who have been mentioned in scandals should be disqualified from appointment or running for public office .

“The commission further petitions the highest court of the land ,that is the supreme court to determine ;whether aspirants who have been adversely mentioned in reports by constitutional commissions and independent offices like office of the Auditor General or any other fact finding institutions should be disqualified from appointment or running for public office in accordance with the constitution.”Morara said

He said the issue should be ironed out following the fact that lower courts and chapter 6 vetting agencies have had different interpretations ,of leadership and integrity parameters.

He indicated that those developments have blurred the importance of chapter six as a critical threshold for ensuring that the public trust is safeguarded through ethical and prudent public leadership.

The commission also wants the court to ascertain whether leaders appealing on integrity issues in any court or tribunal are still able to present themselves or stand for public office.