Harmorapa refers to himself as a Woman!

Controversial rapper Harmorapa PHOTO COURTESY

Controversial Bongo rapper has left his fans amused after he reffered to himself as a strong woman.

Harmorapa who was being interviewed on Kikaangooni(The hot seat) a show on  East Africa TV was answering a question from a fan who asked him what kind of a man he is to which he answered.

“I am a strong women”

A screenshot of the post by EATV
A screenshot of the post by EATV

The rapper also talked about his knowledge of the queens language saying that he could understand the queens language very well though he could not speak fluently.

”Lugha ya Kiingereza naifahamu vizuri lakini ile kuongea ongea ndiyo siwezi” Harmorapa said.

The controversial rapper whose hit single “Kiboko wa mabishoo” in which he features legendary rapper Juma Nature is receiving massive airplay has become tabloid fodder in Tanzania following his controversial remarks on  during interviews and on his social media pages.

A few weeks ago the rapper got into an Instagram fight with Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu after declaring he had crush on her and was ready to marry her and that did not go down well with Wema who called him out asking him to respect her brand.

Harmorapa’s remarks came just  days after Tanzanian heavy hitter Diamond Platinumz was mercilessly trolled online for writing in grammatical errors.